Carlo's DHX Internship Application

2D Animation Demo Reel

Cover Letter

April 29, 2018

Human Resources
380 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5Y 1J5 Canada

DHX Animation Internship

Good day,

Thank you for taking time to review my internship application. My name is Carlo Puche. I am a first year, and candidate for graduation, at Capilano University’s 2D Animation & Visual Development Program in the School of Motion Picture Arts in 2019.

Our Program Co-ordinator Don Perro informed us of the internship opportunity that your studio is offering. I am seeking opportunities to expand my animation skills under professional supervision, while contributing my skills to DHX Studios’ productions. I would be compelled to join a studio that has such a diverse portfolio such as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Transformers: Rescue Bots and Mega Man, and a studio that values the work and well-being of their employees. I have been fortunate to have had the tour into the Vancouver studio earlier in the year, and had found your workspace accommodating.

I perform well in both teams and under self-guided conditions. With a keen eye for technical and creative problem solving, I am often sought out by my classmates for questions and critiques for their projects. At the same time, I value and know how to take criticism for my work. I take notes and keep an open mind to critiques, knowing that they are meant to improve my work and help me grow to be a better animator and artist. These are skills that I have picked up from studying architecture in BCIT, having worked in a professional setting in Studio One, and directing the choir in my parish of St. Monica. Having grown up in multiple settings, particularly Hong Kong and the Philippines, I adapt quickly in new cultural settings and environments.

Having worked as an Architectural Technician in Studio One, I know the stresses and realities of working on large scale and even million-dollar projects (churches, multi-residential homes, office spaces). These projects always require communication, collaboration, being a team-player, and attention to detail. As an animation intern, I am confident that these are traits that I will carry over to DHX Studios.

My résumé is downloadable via the link below, and the rest of my work is entailed in my website. I look forward to talking to you about contributing to DHX Studios.



Carlo Puche
28-11571 Thorpe Rd.
Richmond, BC   V6X 3Z4